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Church Sound should be an experince, not an experiment

Serving the Church Community since 1981

Examples of a few projects we have worked on

Church Acoustics and Church Sound System

Designing or upgrading a sound system requires an in-depth knowledge of large room acoustics. Designing or upgrading the acoustics of a church also requires an in-depth understanding of sound systems and how different denominations and churches worship. Sound systems and acoustics are not exclusive. You have to be an expert in both. Physics says you can’t fix acoustical problems with sound equipment but, with physical objects, you can improve the performance of any sound system substantially.

Church Sound excellence requires an advance knowledge in large room acoustics to get the most performance out of a worship space. Manage the acoustics of a worship space properly, and you release the full potential of every piece of hardware that makes a sound system work. A successful worship space is a sanctuary where there is a balance in all sound and hearing events during worship. That window of getting it right is small. The measure of a successful acoustical plan is in the attendance and support of a church after it has been upgraded. Our system of fixing existing or designing new churches can be experienced in hundreds of sanctuaries and you are invited to hear any of the churches we have worked with.

JdB Sound Acoustics

Our services includes the follow:

Independant Consultanting

Acoustical testing and recommendations

Acoustical design for existing a new churches

Sound System testing and trouble shooting

Sound System Equalizing and setup


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Wisdom applied to
technology and knowledge
creates long term affordable solutions.

Knowledge and technology without wisdom creates short term expensive solutions most churches can't afford.

Paraphrased Proverb 1:2-7

Technology and knowledge is doubling almost every day. New inventions are introduced hourly around the world. According to the Nielsen statistics, it is estimated that 85% of products fail and 95% of products fail in the first year. There are no failures when using God's way of solving sound problems. God's way to fix a church always compliments technology. Man's way to use technology...


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