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JdB Sound Acoustics provides international consulting services to any church that need expert help in acoustics and sound system design

*  Consulting for Church Acoustics, evaluations, upgrades, and recommendations
*  Consulting for Church Sound Systems, upgrading, evaluations, system designing and recommendations
*  Consulting for planning the acoustics of new churches
*  Consulting in the designing of new churches (this process should start before any site plans are started)
*  Consulting in renovations of existing worship spaces and church halls 
-   Local Sound System training
-   Local Sound System evaluations and minor repairs
-   Local tuning, equalization, and programming of sound systems processors or mixers to get maximum performance from your sound system

Office Hours
Tuesday to Friday
10am-5pm EST

Data Collections
JdB Sound Acoustics does not collect any data from anyone visiting our website.  All of the free information is for you to use if it can help solve your problems at your church.

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